E’s Essay – “Running Motivation”

“Running is something new in my life, but it is also something that I would like to keep.  I have been overweight for a good part of my adult life now, and I am making an effort to change my life in a positive way, starting with my weight loss.  Finding the motivation and support to exercise is not always an easy thing. However, I have found that running is something that I enjoy doing, and it gives me a sense of calm that I did not have previously. 
I have found a great support system in fellow runners, there are so many people in this sport that are willing to help out, I want one of my goals in the future is to become someone that new runners can look to, those who may be struggling, like I was, and still am at times.  I have not had the opportunity to run many races yet as it can be a bit of a financial reach,  only one to date. But, I have gotten to watch a few of the races and I love the environment that can be found there. 
The race that I ran, was in Chicago, and it was amazing not only to see thousands of people come together to run the 5k race, but also all of the people that lived along the route or came out to support were so great to cheer us on as we ran along.  I feel like I have found something in running to be a part of that can be as much of a positive influence on me as it can be a release if I am having a tough day.”
Race Sponsorship Recipient Essay – E
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