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WE are so very happy to announce the success of our SHARE A PAIR DRIVE! Together, we did it!! This was truly a whole COMMUNITY EFFORT. The shoes have been distributed. Please accept our GRATITUDE for all who helped us in so many ways to accomplish this huge goal. Watch for photos of this project coming soon.

Hundreds of students in the Rockford Public Schools don’t have the proper footwear for gym class due to poverty or homelessness. Our goal this year was to equip as many as 900 needy students to go back to school with gym shoes so they can participate in gym and be active at home! Your  donation of shoes or or a tax deductible financial donation helped us meet this years goal and continue to fulfill our mission of Inspiring and Equipping People To Lead Healthier Lives! THANK YOU.

Special thanks to those business who helped us with donation sites.

• Fitness Works
• Postal Shoppe
• The FIT

• Runners Image
• PEAK Sports Club
• Bischoff Dentistry

Share A Pair History

Our Share A Pair Drive is our annual event when we ask the community to “Share A Pair.”  The item we ask for has changed over the years, from socks to sports bras to shoes… but Share A Pair supports our mission of inspiring and equipping people to lead healthier lives!

In 2013, through collaboration with the International Peace Committee and Youth Services, Annie’s Locker was able to provide new gym shoes to homeless children at 55 elementary school as part of our fourth annual Share A Pair drive.  As part of the celebration of the 2013 International Day of Peace, a labyrinth entitled “Walking in Their Shoes” was created by Barrie Gibby and installed at Rockford University.  It was comprised entirely of new children’s shoes; funds were raised to enable us to purchase 500 pairs of shoes.

We have been so inspired by last years’ success that our 2014 goal is to purchase over 800 pairs of shoes that will go to three schools with the highest percentage of at risk and homeless children:  Lewis Lemon; King; and Beyer Elementary Schools.