WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Inspiring recipients/donors/volunteers!

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We recently had the pleasure of checking in with past recipients Katrina and Richelle. Over the years they have reached out for help when they needed it, and have offered to lend a hand to our recipients when they were in a position to give back! Richelle now competes in the hurdles and long jump with [...]

RUNNING FOR TWO: Hang in There Friends!

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Gonzalo Gomez Moreno, avid runner and great friend of Annie’s Locker, is often found out Running For Two.  When asked what inspired him to take this photo, he replied “While I was running on the trails, I stopped to take a photo of my bandanna on a branch, but it was windy and the bandanna [...]


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by Meredith Stoll, Outreach Chair There is really nothing like ringing a cowbell, cheering like crazy and having someone threaten to get sick on your shirt to make you understand the heart of a mission. One hot Saturday in June, I volunteered for my first run as an angel in support of Annie’s Locker. Three [...]


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Thank you, we are so grateful. Annie’s Locker would not be able to accomplish our goals without the generous support of this community. The vision of providing brand new gym shoes to children in the Rockford Public School district began in 2013 when Annie’s Locker was asked to help with the local Youth Services Network [...]

Amy’s Essay – “Training for Trails”

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"Last summer, my family fell in love – with camping! After our first family camping trip, we were hooked! We love hiking together and exploring nature – seeing places you can’t get to with your car. And I can honestly say that my family’s new found love affair with camping and hiking could not have [...]

Felicia Takes Flight

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Felicia moved to the area in 2013. She was unemployed and depressed. Her friend Anna, a Rockford Road Runner, encouraged her to start running and referred her to Annie’s Locker for assistance to get some fitness gear and to help pay for the 2013 Biggest Loser 5k entry fee. Since then, great things have been [...]

E’s Essay – “Running Motivation”

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"Running is something new in my life, but it is also something that I would like to keep.  I have been overweight for a good part of my adult life now, and I am making an effort to change my life in a positive way, starting with my weight loss.  Finding the motivation and support [...]

Leah’s Essay – “Why I Love To Run”

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Everyone is good at something.  Me, I am good at starting things.  I am the world’s greatest starter!  I start diets, home improvement projects, self-improvement projects, gardens, blogs, businesses-  you name it, I have probably started it. The problem is, I am not that great of a finisher.  My list of unfinished undertakings goes on [...]