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Running for Two (or R42) is about keeping a metaphorical candle burning for someone in need while running or exercising. Running for Two for a friend who is struggling can be a very powerful form of prayer and support. We have run for many and have seen miracles happen while Running for Two.

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RUNNING FOR TWO: An Angel on My Shoulder

While I was shaking hands with people at my 16 year old daughters wake, a high school friend of mine, and fellow runner, came up to me and gave me 5 “Running for Two” bandanas.  I don’t remember if I had seen them before that or not, but that was the day they made an impact on my life.  I [...]

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RUNNING FOR TWO: Hang in There Friends!

Gonzalo Gomez Moreno, avid runner and great friend of Annie’s Locker, is often found out Running For Two.  When asked what inspired him to take this photo, he replied “While I was running on the trails, I stopped to take a photo of my bandanna on a branch, but it was windy and the bandanna didn’t stop moving. It looked [...]

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“All of the prayers and Running For Two kindness worked.  The above picture was taken on my first visit back to Rock Cut State Park.  On that day, I was only able to walk.  I am now healed, and have been running for months.  It is time to be thankful for all of my amazing running friends and celebrate my [...]

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My Orange Bandanna

MY ORANGE BANDANNA Written for Carol Bingley (Wheezie) by Joyce Kortze (Mama C) I’m a big believer in lessons… all things happen for a reason. The people whose paths I cross are always significant. If my eyes are open wide, and I am not engrossed in my own world I learn…and I grow.  I first wore my orange bandanna at [...]

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Running With Angels

by Xan Milne I did not know it at the time, but "Running for Two" for me dates all the way back to the late 80's.  When I was in college, the basketball coach made us run in different groups during pre-season.  Your group HAD to finish together.  And, when your group was done, you ran back and ran the [...]

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Life is a Gift

Anonymous Ever since a friend opened her heart and shared the concept of "Running For Two" with me, my running has never been quite the same-it has been better!  Running now has a purpose and reward much greater than a PR, a blue ribbon, or a fast time on a clock. Running is part of my life. Life is a [...]

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