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Let’s Share More Pairs

For many years, Annie’s Locker has loved partnering with the Rockford Public Schools with our Share a Pair program. Together, we’ve not only equipped more than 2,000 students with athletic shoes and socks, we’ve strengthened the kids confidence and self-esteem! We certainly didn’t do it alone, our local community has been so generous with this program. We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting our annual campaign.

This year we want to do even more with Share A Pair. We want to go further into the community and not only help schools, but other needy organizations that work with children and adults. That’s why we’ll be searching for non-profit organizations in the Rockford area that are interested in receiving athletic shoes, clothing and other fitness gear. Our hope is to reach organizations that work with children or adults in physical capacities that could improve their programs with our help. It’s still Share a Pair—donations share the pair—but with the hopes of reaching more people in more places!

So, we’re asking all interested organizations to take a few minutes to fill out the application. It’s that easy. Our team will evaluate all applicants and select groups to partner with this year. Let’s share a pair together!

Annie’s Locker’s mission is to inspire and equip people to lead healthier lives. We hope that we can help your organization with the help of our donors. Our vision: Improved physical fitness can have a positive impact on all areas of people’s lives. We hope to help people find their “wings.”  We hope to make the biggest impact by helping organizations that have similar values and needs.

Please share your request with us in the form below BY APRIL 30, 2017

2016 Share A Pair

“Thank you Annie’s Locker for the shoes and socks. I can dance in the shoes!”


“Thank you for my new shoes. They are awesome and I can run, jump and play in my new shoes.”

Your first grade friend, Karlos

“The Scomus (Sauconys) are great! I play basketball in them.”

“These shoes will make me so fast!”

“Thanks for the shoes! The shoes help me run and dance.”


“Thank you for the shoes, it is a good idea to help the environment for people who need shoes. The shoes make me feel happy and more happy. Me and my classmates love our shoes.”

“We absolutely LOVE our new shoes!  Thank you so much!”

Share A Pair History

Our Share A Pair Drive is our annual event when we ask the community to “Share A Pair.”  The item we ask for has changed over the years, from socks to sports bras to shoes… but Share A Pair supports our mission of inspiring and equipping people to lead healthier lives!

In 2013, through collaboration with the International Peace Committee and Youth Services, Annie’s Locker was able to provide new gym shoes to homeless children at 55 elementary school as part of our fourth annual Share A Pair drive.  As part of the celebration of the 2013 International Day of Peace, a labyrinth entitled “Walking in Their Shoes” was created by Barrie Gibby and installed at Rockford University.  It was comprised entirely of new children’s shoes; funds were raised to enable us to purchase 500 pairs of shoes.

Inspired by the success we had, our 2014 goal was to purchase over 800 pairs of shoes. We ended exceeding that goal, and provided over 1000 pairs of gym shoes to three schools in Rockford, IL., with the highest percentage of at risk and homeless children:  Lewis Lemon; King; and Beyer Elementary Schools.

Our 2015 goal was to provide Kishwaukee School with gym shoes, after they completed the Fit in 60 Program!!  We encouraged the students to participate in at least 60 minutes a day of activity.  All the students participated, they turned in the cards and received brand new gym shoes.

In 2016 we hoped to provide brand new shoes and socks to 398 students at McIntosh Elementary School.   The students participated in the Fit in 60 program along with a new program called Pennies for Tennies.  The students collected coins to help purchase shoes for a school where they cannot afford even shoes for school.   Annie’s matched the amount collected $583.00.  The children were able to fund 60 pairs of shoes for Gastelum School in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Annie’s Locker is a non-profit organization that supports people in need of proper fitness gear and provides race scholarships in Rockford, Illinois that operates under the charter of Rockford Road Runners, a RRCA member club, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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Novel ways to come together to help raise money for Share-A-Pair: The staff on the 9th Floor Medical/Surgical Unit at SwedishAmerican Health System collected money towards "Pennies for Tennies" for the 2016 Annie's Locker Share-A-Pair shoe [...]