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We’re excited to announce we have met our 2017 goals to support our recipients:

• Youth Against Violence Organization 

• Girls on the Run  

• Rockford Day Nursery 

• Windsor Elementary School “Well Wasp”

Thanks to you, we can support these recipients and continue to serve our mission all year long! Your generous donations have made a difference in peoples lives. We’re looking forward to another fun and exciting year in 2018.

Thank you for your continued support of Annie’s Locker!
Terri Odell, President, Annie’s Locker


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Our annual fund drive invites our community to “Share A Pair.” From socks, to sports bras, to athletic shoes, to fitness equipment, Share a Pair always supports our mission of inspiring and equipping people to lead healthier lives!

2011 – Rockford Rescue Mission (RRM) was awarded a beautiful onsite fitness center that includes an Olympic-sized weight bench, two sets of adjustable PowerBlock dumbbells, a stationary bike, an elliptical machine, a treadmill, multiple medicine balls, and other fitness equipment. What
started out as Annie’s Locker distributing fitness gear to residents in the Recovery Program grew to group training and participation in local races. RRM has since implemented a 30 minute per day physical activity requirement; residents and staff can now work out in the Annies Locker Fitness Center.

2013 – Through collaboration with the International Peace Committee and Youth Services, Annie’s Locker provided new gym shoes to homeless children at local elementary schools. As part of the celebration of the 2013 International Day of Peace, a labyrinth entitled “Walking in Their Shoes” was created by Barrie Gibby and installed at Rockford University. The labrynth was comprised entirely of 500 pairs of new children’s gym shoes, which were then delivered to the students.

2014 – Our goal was to purchase over 800 pairs of shoes. We exceeded that goal, and provided over 1000 pairs of gym shoes to three schools in Rockford, IL., with the highest percentage of at risk and homeless children: Lewis Lemon, King, and Beyer Elementary Schools.

2015 – Kishwaukee Elementary School participated in our new “Fit in 60” Program, which encouraged students to engage in at least 60 minutes of activity per day. Over 300 students participated and received brand new gym shoes and socks.

2016 – Nearly 400 McIntosh Elementary School students participated in the “Fit in 60” program along with a new program called “Pennies for Tennies.” The students collected coins to help purchase shoes for a Gastelum School in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where children often cannot afford school shoes. Annie’s Locker matched the $583.00 the children collected and funded 60 pairs of shoes.

“Thank you for believing in and choosing our program as a worthy organization to support.”


“For the kids in our program, they are more than just shoes. They provide the kids with an opportunity to challenge themselves in a way they never have. The shoes give them a bit of inspiration to get out and keep moving. On our race day, we will be sure to Run for Two.”

Bre Corey, Teacher at Windsor Elementary

“The girls learn about self-esteem, respect, teamwork, overcoming challenges, and taking action in their community.”

Rosie Finelli, Teacher and Coach, GIRLS ON THE RUN

“This Marching Arts program is a sport in its own rite. Because of the physical strength and endurance it takes to march 2.5 miles or more while carrying musical instruments and props while dancing and doing precision style maneuvers, we know how important it is to make sure our youth have appropriate footwear.”