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Thank you to Rockford’s beloved Beefaroo for  choosing Annie’s Locker as January 2017’s “Cheese Fries nonprofit.” We support healthy lifestyles that include occasional indulgences... like their legendary yummy cheese fries, cheddar burgers, and shakes! Thank you BEEFAROO for your support!


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Novel ways to come together to help raise money for Share-A-Pair: The staff on the 9th Floor Medical/Surgical Unit at SwedishAmerican Health System collected money towards "Pennies for Tennies" for the 2016 Annie's Locker Share-A-Pair shoe drive for the kids at McIntosh School. Thanks to all that donated their spare change and dollars! Together we will [...]

TEXAS HOLD’EM – Creative Giving

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Texas Hold’em to Annie’s Locker: Finding unique ways to help others Thirteen years ago, Craig and Megan Passler, came up with an idea that it would be fun to have a poker tournament which was at about the same time Texas Hold'em was getting a lot of attention on TV. Megan recommended running it as [...]

HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL – Creative Giving

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Some very special little friends assisted Annie's Locker with funding in a delightful way. The children at Holy Family Catholic School each donated $1 and wore CRAZY SOCKS to help bring awareness to Annie's Locker. Thank you Holy Family kids! Your creative efforts to help others in need are greatly appreciated!