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Texas Hold’em to Annie’s Locker: Finding unique ways to help others
Thirteen years ago, Craig and Megan Passler, came up with an idea that it would be fun to have a poker tournament which was at about the same time Texas Hold’em was getting a lot of attention on TV. Megan recommended running it as a charity event to raise food and money for the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee, WI. The idea was to bring a bag of food as part of the entrance fee and half of the total pot of money went to the charity. It was a hit the first year and has continued for 13 years, with a few years shifting monetary donations to the Salvation Army with the food still going to the Hunger Task Force. About 5 years ago, Craig and Megan decided to put the charity up to a vote by all those playing in the tournament which has included another charity known as The Wounded Warrior project to help veterans. In 2016 Annie’s Locker was selected as their charity to support. Together, the attendees and founders of the tournament were happy to support an organization that is equipping and inspiring others to live healthier lives, especially through their work in providing and inspiring kids.
Annie’s Locker was thrilled to receive the donation and intrigued on the method of acquiring donations for charity. We hope this story provides inspiration to others to look for novel ways of having fun with friends and family while helping others. We all have struggles, but together we can overcome.

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