Running With Angels

by Xan Milne
I did not know it at the time, but “Running for Two” for me dates all the way back to the late 80’s.  When I was in college, the basketball coach made us run in different groups during pre-season.  Your group HAD to finish together.  And, when your group was done, you ran back and ran the next group in. You continued this until ALL groups were done!  Little did I know at the time that this was forming my “Running for Two” background.
Wow!  2009 was quite a year.  This year was filled with undiagnosed health issues and some days, I was not really sure just HOW I kept going.  It was also a year of the orange bandanna.  A tradition arose in the Rockford Road Runners of wearing an orange bandanna to show support for Carol Bingley’s dad and thus an official “Running for Two” history began.
My bandanna creation continued to grow from there…Orange is in remembrance of Carol’s father.  Blue is for my friends’ mom, Sue, and her battle with cancer.  Pink is for my friend, DeLayne, and her battle with cancer.  My pink beads are for our school board President, Sandi, and her battle with cancer.  Remembering the challenges these individuals face each day makes me realize that my own health issues are insignificant in the scheme of things.
Along the way, my “Running for Two” took on one last dimension.  I call it Running with Angels.  My Angels are Kaitlyn, Dylan, Averi, Megan and Jenna.  The most amazing thing is that my angels are all 12 years of age and younger!!  I have had the privilege of running one or more races with each one of them; there were quite a few PR’s earned by these angels.  To see the smiles on their faces when a new goal was reached was unmatched by any of my own running goals.
My angels give me wings to fly and they help me keep “Running for Two”.
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