RUNNING FOR TWO: An Angel on My Shoulder

While I was shaking hands with people at my 16 year old daughters wake, a high school friend of mine, and fellow runner, came up to me and gave me 5 “Running for Two” bandanas.  I don’t remember if I had seen them before that or not, but that was the day they made an impact on my life.  I knew that from that day on, every mile I ran would be for my daughter.

Now, I have been asked to “Run for” someone on many occasions, and I always did it, and made sure to post about it on social media, but it never really made sense to me.  See – I am an engineer – a logic nerd – running for someone who is sick or deceased, couldn’t help anyone.

When I lost my daughter, I finally got it.  First – a lot of my running friends started sharing their run miles with me.  They ran for me.. they ran for Faith – and in doing so, as I read their posts about there runs, it gave me some comfort. I took one of my new bandanas – and had my mom sew it into a sorta cape.. and I have worn it to most every run I have done since.  Other runners who don’t know me, or haven’t heard my story will ask what it means, why am I running for two. I love when people ask this – it gives me a chance to talk about my little girl.. and although it makes people uncomfortable at first – I always tell them that it means a lot to a parent who has lost their child, to get to talk about their child from time to time…and to get to do it in a happy way – it tends to help us!

What does “Running for Two” mean to me? Every time I put on that cape – it gives me a chance to share with anyone who may see me running – that I am not just doing this run for me.  I am running with an angel on my shoulder. -Stormy Kies

Faith Kies (pictured left) hopped in to help her dad Stormy finish his first marathon at the Fox Valley Marathon in 2012.

Stormy, an Ultra Runner in Woodstock, IL., continues to keep the memory of his daughter alive by sharing their story and Running For Two. He hopes to help others learn to ask for help when they are struggling.

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