Our New Mission, Vision and Heart

When the spark ignited to start Annie’s Locker six years ago, I imagined helping other women. I knew from personal experience that when I made the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle, so many other things started to fall into place. My life expanded in so many ways. I wanted that for others, too. At first I imagined helping those in countries less fortunate than ours. With the good advice of others, it was decided to keep our focus more local. At that time, I didn’t know just how great the need was right here in Rockford.

This year, reflection on where we have been and where we hope to go prompted our Board of Directors to review our Mission. As a non-profit that started out equipping women with running gear to get started on their own fitness journey, we evolved into helping women, men and children find their wings. We know that our support of their physical fitness goals will help them soar to new heights in other areas of their lives. Running For Two (R42), the HEART of Annie’s Locker, has always been a big part of why we do what we do, so we thought it was time to start “wearing our heart on our sleeve” and help people understand why it’s such an important part of our inspiration.1459152_10202467098028320_1059986003_n

We believe that our revised Mission, Vision and sharing our “Heart” gives us potential to have an even greater impact on our community and the flexibility to better serve those whose needs go beyond our original vision. We hope you agree.

Shine On! Carol Benthal-Bingley, Founder/President


Annie’s Locker Mission

Inspiring and equipping people to lead healthier lives.

Annie’s Locker Vision

Improved physical fitness can have a positive impact on all areas of people’s lives. We hope to help people find their “wings.”

The Heart of Annie’s Locker- Running For Two (R42)

In 2007, a fellow runner and friend battling cancer asked for one thing: “Please run for me until I can run
again.” That request from our namesake, Annie, was the seed that later grew into Annie’s Locker. Running
for Two is about keeping a metaphorical candle burning for someone in need while running or exercising.
Running For Two for someone who is struggling can be a very powerful form of prayer and support. We have
“run” for many and have seen amazing things happen while Running For Two. Annie’s Locker and Running
For Two is not just about running–we are planting seeds in our world, building community, and assisting
those who are struggling. Our goal is to inspire our recipients as well as our donors and volunteers.

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