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Annie’s Locker Mission

Inspiring and equipping people to lead healthier lives.

Annie’s Locker Vision

Improved physical fitness can have a positive impact on all areas of people’s lives. We hope to help people find their “wings.”

The Heart of Annie’s Locker- Running For Two (R42)

In 2007, a fellow runner and friend battling cancer asked for one thing: “Please run for me until I can run again.” That request from our namesake, Annie, was the seed that later grew into Annie’s Locker. Running for Two is about keeping a metaphorical candle burning for someone in need while running or exercising.

Running For Two for someone who is struggling can be a very powerful form of prayer and support. We have “run” for many and have seen amazing things happen while Running For Two. Annie’s Locker and Running For Two is not just about running–we are planting seeds in our world, building community, and assisting those who are struggling. Our goal is to inspire our recipients as well as our donors and volunteers.