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In 2007, a fellow runner and friend who was battling cancer asked for one thing. “Please run for me until I can run again.”
That request from our namesake Annie was the seed that later grew into Annie’s Locker. Running for Two (or R42) is about keeping a metaphorical candle burning for someone in need while running or exercising. Running for Two for a friend who is struggling can be a very powerful form of prayer and support. We have run for many and have seen miracles happen while Running for Two.
Annie’s Locker is not just about running, it is about inspiring people, building community and caring for those who are struggling. Our goal is to inspire our recipients as well as our donors and volunteers.
 R U N N I N G   F O R   T W O
Story by Carol Benthal-Bingley  
published in
The Ultimate Runner &
The Ultimate Christian Living
If you’ve shared a good run with someone, you’ve created a bond with that person for life. We runners have a bond because we share something in common. We have a connection beyond the surface. We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst. We’ve seen each other physically and emotionally drained from pushing ourselves farther than we thought we could be pushed. We push each other, and when we fall, we pick each other up. We’re part of a unique community, a family of runners with all our strengths and beautiful flaws.
I met Annie about 5 years ago. She was a dear friend of my sister Patty. She was a beautiful woman…talented, energetic, bright, vibrant and she was a runner. I wasn’t much of a runner at the time, but wanted to be. She helped me train for and race my first triathlon. She was amazing, strong, elegant, and dying of cancer.
some history….
“Running For Two  is about entering a sacred time. A time to keep vigil…a metaphorical candle burning for someone in need. We all have an “Annie” in our lives, someone we love who is suffering. Through Annie’s Locker we now strive to go out and light our own fires for people in need.