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A B O U T  A N N I E ‘ S  L O C K E R
Annie’s Locker was started in 2008. Inspired by a fellow runner who died in 2007, the idea was born to do something to inspire people toward a healthier lifestyle.
Inspiring and equipping people to lead healthier lives.
Improved physical fitness can have a positive impact on all areas of people’s lives. We hope to help people find their “wings.”
In 2007, a fellow runner and friend battling cancer asked for one thing: “Please run for me until I can run again.” That request from our namesake, Annie, was the seed that later grew into Annie’s Locker. Running for Two is about keeping a metaphorical candle burning for someone in need while running or exercising.
Running For Two for someone who is struggling can be a very powerful form of prayer and support. We have “run” for many and have seen amazing things happen while Running For Two. Annie’s Locker and Running  For Two is not just about running–we are planting seeds in our world, building community, and assisting those who are struggling. Our goal is to inspire our recipients as well as our donors and volunteers.
Annie’s Locker is a non-profit organization that supports people in need of proper fitness gear and provides race scholarships in Rockford, Illinois that operates under the charter of Rockford Road Runners, a RRCA member club, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Annie’s Locker does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, family status or marital status.
A word from the Founder…
Carol Bingley
I LOVE TO RUN. It fills me up when life starts to wear me down. Running helps me keep everything else in my life in balance. It helps me stay fit and helps reduce stress. Most importantly, running makes me happy. I am doing things with my running and racing that I never thought I could, and that gives me strength to tackle lifes challenges head on. Running is also very spiritual for me, especially when I’m “Running for Two”.
I’m amazed at what our community has brought to Annie’s Locker. So many people have stepped forward and have helped in their own way. For that I am so grateful. With Annie’s Locker, my main goal is to light a fire in people. Inviting donors and recipients to simply “Run For Two” has been so rewarding. Watching so many people out there on the trails, roads and at races “Running For Two” with their orange bandanas fills me up. Annie’s Locker offers race sponsorships for those who are starting to run as well as seasoned runners. We have also gathered runners to help “pace” those recipients in a race. Running alongside a recipient/friend who is reaching a new goal or crossing that finish line for the first time…now that is rewarding. It is a powerful thing to watch them gain confidence to accomplish a goal they set out to attain, something they never thought they could do.
Crossing an actual finish line is a beautiful metaphor for all of life’s challenges, and makes life’s difficult circumstances seem more manageable. Annie’s Locker is not just about running, or turning over fitness gear to people, it is about inspiring people, building community and caring for those who are struggling. Annie’s Locker is about inspiring our recipients as well as our donors and volunteers.
I feel so proud of our recipients accomplishments. Many of our recipients have become very special to me. It is a joy to hear about their victories. When Annie’s Locker receives donations of clothing or money, it is a wonderful bonus. That helps us follow our dreams to keep reaching out to more people who are in need. We are making connections and reaching people on a personal level, and that is what matters most to me. I am so proud of how our community of runners and friends in Rockford have made Annie’s Locker and “Running For Two” their own. Many people have shared with me that Annie’s Locker and “Running For Two” has helped give their running purpose. That is a powerful thing!
We are blessed to be among such giving people.