My Orange Bandanna

Written for Carol Bingley (Wheezie) by Joyce Kortze (Mama C)
I’m a big believer in lessons…
all things happen for a reason.
The people whose paths I cross are always significant.
If my eyes are open wide, and I am not engrossed in my own world
I learn…and I grow. 
I first wore my orange bandanna at the Winter Series 20K
Just the beginning of our journey together;
At first – a favor for a friend…
As time went on…
a symbol of greater things.
I logged plenty of miles this winter
And seldom left my house without first attaching my orange bandanna.
It accompanied me in all kinds of weather,
In all kinds of races and for many varied distances.
It served as a bond for me and other Coyotes;
When I spotted someone else wearing an orange bandanna,
I knew we were on a similar mission.
It became the mental focus on some of my solo runs
As I offered up prayers of strength and wisdom for Carol,
And an open spirit and peace for her dad to receive her love.
My daughter asked me once why I wore my orange bandanna…
I told her it reminded me to pray for a friend.            
Putting on my bandanna began to symbolize greater things           
Like the sanctity of life…
It reminded me that I whine way too much about unimportant matters;
That life is too short to spend in bitterness or resentment.
When I wore my orange bandanna
It urged me to look beyond-
Beyond the workout;
Beyond the goals;
Beyond the day
To something bigger and better than myself…
Care and concern for humankind.
I’m so glad Carol chose to share her burden
So we could help her bear its weight.
As I have supported her, she has ministered tome
By being a shining example of faith and courage…
And living life to its fullest
In the midst of tragic circumstances.
I’m thankful God brought Wheezie into my life
And that He continues to teach me life lessons
Through the most simplistic, yet meaningful ways.
My orange bandanna…
A symbol of life…
and love.
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