“I run to do battle” – spec’tator’s Essay

“Sometimes though I find it easier to say more in a ‘spoken word’ type of setting.  Kind of like a poem, with soul.  So my letter is what follows.  (It should be read slowly with a solid pause after each line.  Commas that are missing are missing for a reason, to dictate the ‘flow’ of the line.)
my pain and affliction
lack of concise conviction
find my autobiography in the section marked, fiction

take this mistrust and hurt, look pass them both straight to heaven

just add spit and dirt, my eyes are now open like 7-Eleven
find a cause by runnin’ or climbin’ high
did you ever see a coyote who can actually fly
you got one right here I got wings attached to my lats
floatin’ a foot of snow in road racin’ flats
rockin’ orange do-rags instead of big billed ‘5950’ hats
I run to come undone, like a shoe lace
try to keep pace with a true cause
every 3 or 30 miles it gives pause
to my heart and soul
so I sing ‘let it snow’, ‘let it snow’, ‘let it snow’
I tell you why I don’t run
I don’t run for the GU
I run to do battle
I battle for you”

Race Recipient Essay –  josh aka spec’tator
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