Andre’s Essay – “Three Stars”

Today, strength, gains, pain, suffering, happiness and inspiration to run come from three stars, which I call “stars in action.”
The First Star has physically disappeared, but his image stays in my mind, reminding me that at sixty years old he ran like a gazelle, like a coyote; reminding me that he ran in a small space, let’s say three meters wide by six meters long; and reminding me of his famous phrase: “No matter how old you are, I don’t know why anyone would want to run out in the country if there is enough space here to run.” He ran two or three times a week, in that small space, for more than an hour.
The Second Star was a shooting star, like those seen every hundred years. How can I forget her smile, her patience, her vitality and her loyalty to me. She didn’t like to run very much. She liked other types of sports, like yoga and jazz. But she was so interested in helping me that she ran with me in solidarity, loving her neighbor, without asking anything in return.
The Third Star, the real one that restores life, is the star that others would keep lit, were he to burn out. He is the one that makes me think that life goes on, and that you never have to feel defeated, but must keep on working through the obstacles that are presented in life. With his moral support and motivation to run, he upholds what I believe and feel: that life is a competition, and that if you stop or slow down you are automatically annihilated; you are stopped.
The First Star is my father, Pascual Huizar. It surprised me and keeps surprising me , as I remember that he ran in that small space for more than an hour, two or three times a week, at sixty years old.
The Second Star is Nimmo Collen. Her solidarity with me in agreeing to run with me six years ago in Elgin amazes me. She did the tough thing, as she did not like to run very much, because of loyalty to me.
The Third Star is Josh. I am stunned that there is another equally crazy guy, who likes challenges, who has the same motivation, the same goal, the same idea to run and to keep on running.
And now, having written all this, it makes me think that God really exists, and that He makes Himself known through people who support you and inspire you to keep on fighting in life. For me that means to consume no drugs nor alcohol today. It means that the last race, the 20K, was the cleanest race I have ever run. I ran it without taking drugs a day before the race, and today I have stayed steadfast in not consuming drugs nor alcohol since that last race with Josh.
My motivation today is to continue in this way, sober until the next competition. If I can run a 20K race sober one time, then I can do it another time, even after all these years of struggling. My motivation is strong, because it can be done.
After all this that I have written I am going to contradict myself. My God knows. Today I also owe it all to Rachael Johnson and the Virgin Mary, without whom I could not have done it. I am a person motivated by other people. I think God manifests Himself through other people, and I give thanks to all the people who smile at me each day and encourage me.
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